Thursday, 28 January 2016

The city of 6th of October!
As far as it is for most of us, it is full of luxury. Their compounds are classy as they can be. It has educational areas, entertainment places, industrial areas, the most beautiful residential compounds, and jaw dropping hotels.
Definitely, most of us look for entertainment being near our homes and gladly there is an amusement park called Dream Park, Mall of Arabia; the largest mall in Egypt, and the only IMAX theatre in Egypt.
As to the industrial area, a few of the largest businesses are in 6th of October. Most of them are all located in one area called Smart Village.
Educational also is not something to be worried about, because it has schools and universities around you.
The compounds located there are so luxurious that when you just enter one of them, you no longer feel like you are in Egypt. The compounds are full of activities to do and have all the facilities you need.
We do not even want to start talking about the hotels in that city, they are absolutely jaw dropping.
Check it out:

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